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My Cloud a la Carte

Meeting the Expectations of Business Departments

Not only are individual business departments increasingly the decision-makers in terms of IT investments, they also have clear expectations for how these services should be executed.  Amongst other things, these service requirements are:

  • A clear performance agreement with firm pre-set and agreed upon service levels that cover not only ‘‘best effort’’
  • Flexibility and fast reaction times for new or changed requirements (solution scalability, and a service catalogue with fixed prices for change requirements)
  • Continuous and constant transparency for the business department into the cloud operation (dashboard with business views)
Private B2B Cloud Service for the WITZENMANN Group
»The SEEBURGER solution worked from day one. Also, the hoped-for relief for our internal IT was immediately noticeable. With the SEEBURGER Cloud Service, we have achieved our set targets to our complete satisfaction. It enabled us to meet the technical B2B requirements of any customer or supplier without the need to additional resources.«
Jürgen Mack, Department Manager, IT Projects at the Witzenmann Group

On-Premise or in the Cloud?

Departments are less interested in the ‘‘delivery mode’’ in which the service is provided (On-Premise, Cloud, Hybrid), than they are in knowing that departmental requirements will be covered.  From their perspective, it is always perceived as a ‘‘service.’’ 

IT must decide if it will build an on-premise B2B solution and if they will operate it as a kind of internally-run cloud solution.  This must include the selection, purchase and customization of a cloud-capable software product.  After implementation, it would also require the capability and capacity to operate the product as a cloud-like service.

tedrive Connects Suppliers via the Cloud
»SEEBURGER has the necessary experience, because they have already successfully completed many projects to connect the supplier base in the automotive industry. In addition, they also provide supplier integration as a flexible cloud service. In a Service Level Agreement, tedrive and SEEBURGER agreed on clear key performance parameters.«
Thomas Brüse, Managing Partner at tedrive Steering Systems GmbH

When is Cloud the Better Choice?

A cloud service, as an alternative to running an on-premise solution, is especially useful to consider in the following cases:

  • Bottleneck occurs in projects with internal resources and trained specialists–risk of dependence on a few employees is a concern
  • Investments in new solutions and enhancements are needed
  • Increasing business challenges (genuine 24/7 operational needs) cannot be met
  • A variety of new partners or processes need connecting
  • TCO of own-operation (Hardware, software, staff, training, and support) exceeds the cost of a transparent and predictable cloud service

Cloud Certification & Security

All SEEBURGER Cloud Services have:

  • ISO 27001 certified data centers
  • ISO 27001 certified and ITIL-based operational 24/7 cloud operation
  • Services based on our own in-house built SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite
  • Operation exclusively by our experts
  • Cloud contract in accordance with German law and the strict German Data Project Act (BDSG) – which gives cloud customers best possible protection
  • Globally positioned with local national service teams
  • Experience – over 800 SEEBURGER Cloud Service customers worldwide

Why are SEEBURGER’s Cloud Services “a la Carte”?

Choose exactly the right fit for your requirements from our flexible cloud options:

  • Plenty of options - choose from very economical standardized Classic or Shared Cloud up to a Private Cloud Service with individually agreed upon service levels
  • Switch Easily between the different cloud options and ensure swift response to changing requirements
  • Keep your Independence - with flexible and definable starting points and duration for the cloud service and with monthly termination rights on standard services
  • Hybrid Option - SEEBURGER Cloud Services can be combined with flexible SEEBURGER On-Premise Solutions

SEEBURGER My Cloud a la Carte – Examples of available Cloud Services

Cloud Service

Standard processes on a central platform

iMartOne WebEDI Service
Connect faster with small suppliers.
Learn more
B2B Routing Service

Allows for ad hoc connections to any partner via any communication protocol – just connect once to the SEEBURGER Routing Service.

Shared Private
Cloud Service

Customer-tailored processes on a shared platform with standard SLA
For SAP GTS Immediately benefit from hundreds of certified mappings, processes and ready-made customized connections.
Learn more
Engineering Data Exchange Service
For example, it allows for the exchange of engineering data according to Automotive/ENGDAT standards and the option to combine it with Cloud EDI for logistic processes.
Learn more

Cloud Service

Customer-tailored processes on a private cloud platform with individual SLA
Private B2B Cloud Service
Allows for any B2B requirements to be met, such as very high load peaks, and/or extremely short lead times for critical business processes/partners.
Private Integration Cloud Service

Enables completely different internal/external integration requirements to be covered (B2B, MFT, EAI, ESB).


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