SEEBURGER and T-Systems enter into partnership

Working together for a strong EDI future


Bretten, Germany - SEEBURGER and T-Systems are announcing a partnership. By combining first-class business integration software and innovative cloud technology, the companies plan to jointly drive the future viability of electronic data interchange.

SEEBURGER and T-Systems are pooling their respective skills and know-how to create innovative, fully-managed EDI services. The aim is to make business integration more efficient by harnessing the power of SEEBURGER's BIS software (Business Integration Suite) and T-Systems' MEDIS+ infrastructure and services (Managed Electronic Data Interchange Services). The new solution is supported by a highly-skilled, global, multilingual, end-to-end engineering, development, support and delivery team.

This joint approach has already led to gaining a major customer in the automotive market, with more due to follow.

Seamless electronic data exchange between customers and business partners along their established supply chain processes is essential. Future-proof solutions are needed to help modernize EDI and to tackle issues such as slow migration, lack of process innovation and optimization due to high costs, and the hassle of onboarding partners. SEEBURGER's software and process know-how, combined with T-Systems' system integration and private cloud services, are an important step in this direction.

"The redundant, fail-safe operation in T-Systems' twin-core data centers and combining the Oracle Private Cloud Appliance with the private cloud infrastructure is a groundbreaking best in class solution in the provision of EDI platform services," says Michael Kleeberg, Co-CEO of SEEBURGER AG. "With SEEBURGER and the Business Integration Suite, we are using one of the world's leading EDI platforms developed in Germany," states Christian Hort, SVP Automotive T-Systems.

Both SEEBURGER and T-Systems are confident that this cooperation will lead to an impressive modernization of EDI landscapes.



SEEBURGER is a provider of integration software and IT services. Since its foundation in 1986, SEEBURGER has left a lasting mark on the IT landscape - with the Business Integration Suite (BIS), a modular, cloud-native integration concept that is developed and supported entirely in-house. Thanks to SEEBURGER's holistic approach to integration, one single platform covers all integration patterns. It reduces complexity, ensuring reliable connections between clouds, applications and users so that they can focus on what is important: sharing business-critical data, making quick decisions and maximizing performance. SEEBURGER is a family-owned company with over 1,000 employees worldwide, providing high-quality software, services and support. We drive innovation - through digitalization, automation and integration.


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