SEEBURGER Now a Technology Partner of Odette International

SEEBURGER Joins Odette


Bretten - SEEBURGER, a global leader in accelerating business processes with business integration solutions, announces its membership to the Odette Technology Partner Programme. Since 1986 SEEBURGER have been providing technology solutions to the automotive industry, bringing substantial expertise in the integration and standardisation of automotive industry processes to the Odette Community, the pan-European collaboration service platform for the entire automotive supply chain.   

Standardisation and Integration – keys to digitalisation

Automotive companies need IT solutions that integrate industry standards, to support the drive to digitalisation. Odette aims to reinforce the links between automotive process experts and technology experts in its standardisation work.

Robert Cameron, VDA, Chair of Odette International says: “The industry needs to be presented with solutions that are common across the industry if we are to increase collaboration through the tiers of the supply chain. Working together with Technology Providers is key to developing core standards that can be incorporated in different IT solutions.”

Win-win situation

Technology Partners involved in Odette national and international standardisation initiatives provide essential technical expertise in the development of automotive standards, and the sharing of supply chain process knowledge between industry experts. Having already been a partner of the Odette Conferences for many years, SEEBURGER will play an important role in contributing to Odette’s IT expertise in the growing area of API standards.

Thomas Bäzner, Automotive Expert at SEEBURGER states: “Odette with its national associations is the platform to connect and to collaborate with experts in the automotive supply chain. SEEBURGER is looking forward to serving their automotive customers even better in the future by contributing and sharing knowledge as a member of the Odette Community”.

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SEEBURGER simplifies complex connections between clouds, applications and people, so you can focus on what matters: meeting the needs of your partners and customers, innovating and growing your business. It’s all possible, with SEEBURGER Integration – a mix of our technology, our services and our people – all here for the sole purpose of accelerating your business.

Our unified, agile and scalable integration platform, the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS) is available on any cloud for hybrid and on-premise deployments. BIS networks systems and applications so that the right data, in the right format, gets to the right place at the right time, securely. SEEBURGER Integration helps more than 4,000 automotive industry companies and thousands of their trading partners, including OEMs, suppliers, retailers, dealers, manufacturers and logistics providers, connect and exchange industry data. SEEBURGER delivers for more than 10,000 customers in diverse industries and over 50 countries.

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About Odette

Odette is a, not-for-profit, European standardisation, services and networking platform for the entire automotive supply chain. Since 1984, Odette has brought together supply chain professionals and technology experts to create standards, develop best practice recommendations and provide services, which support the digitalisation of logistics management, supply chain communications and the exchange of engineering data throughout the automotive industry. The members of Odette are the national European automotive associations, which represent over 5000 companies in the major European automotive producing countries. Odette is a member of the Joint Automotive Industry Forum (JAIF), which brings together the regional supply chain organisations in Europe, North America and Japan to develop automotive supply chain standards for the benefit of the global automotive industry. Odette also has strong links with international standardisation bodies such as ISO, UN-CEFACT and CEN. 

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