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SEEBURGER approved as Peppol Provider


Bretten, Germany - The Japan Peppol Authority has approved SEEBURGER as one of the first Peppol service providers in Japan.

In a bid to facilitate digitalization and the management and exchange of standardized documents, Japan is developing a standardized electronic invoicing system. This started with establishing the Japanese E-Invoice Promotion Association (EIPA) in July 2020.

EIPA soon submitted a proposal to the Japanese government to use Peppol as the basis for a new Japanese standard for tax-compliant e-invoicing. The Japanese government subsequently granted its approval, and Japan joined OpenPEPPOL in 2021 as a further member from the Asia-Pacific region.

In September 2021, EIPA and the Japanese government started working with OpenPEPPOL to introduce a Japanese standard that meets the country’s legal and business requirements. The resulting local specification, 'Peppol BIS Billing JP', is based on the principles of the 'Peppol International Invoicing Model (PINT)'. EIPA’s timeline for the introduction of the new e-invoicing mandate in Japan is extremely ambitious, with the completion date set for October 2022 and mandatory e-invoicing from October 2023.

In order to operate in Japan, Peppol service providers must be certified by the Japanese Peppol authority, the governmental body Digital Agency. SEEBURGER was certified in September 2022, as one of the first approved Peppol service providers in Japan. This affirms that SEEBURGER as a company meets the requirements to operate in Japan and is able to help national and international companies to implement their e-invoicing projects in the country. Among the items evaluated by the Japan Peppol Authority were security issues, as well as compliance with tax regulations and knowledge of the local market and companies, most of which are SMEs in Japan.

The Digital Agency has accredited SEEBURGER as a Peppol Service Provider in Japan, effective from 13 September 2022. SEEBURGER is collaborating with ENDEAVOR SBC Co. Ltd. in Japan, combining its expertise on e-invoicing with over 14 years of experience in the Japanese market.

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