SEEBURGER Delivers Industry’s First Complete Managed File Transfer Solution for SAP

Leverages SAP NetWeaver to Simplify Infrastructure, Reduce Costs & Prevent SAP Data Leakage


ORLANDO, FL – SEEBURGER today announced SEEBURGER Managed File Transfer (SEE MFT) for SAP, the market’s first fully integrated solution for controlling, securing and tracking file transfers to and from SAP. The new SAP-specific edition of SEEBURGER’s award-winning SEE MFT suite centralizes file exchange management, reduces associated operating costs, and stops data leakage caused by file exports out of SAP – all while working directly within SAP and SAP NetWeaver PI/XI.

SEE MFT for SAP - the newest addition to the widely adopted SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite – eliminates the patchwork of plug-ins, FTP/SFTP servers, and gateway- or application-specific MFT servers typically used to manage file transfers in today’s enterprise.  This fragmented infrastructure adds IT overhead by requiring staff competence on multiple platforms, containing many points of failure, complicating change management, and failing to provide central management and audit capabilities. It also lacks the ability to prevent unauthorized downloads or transmissions from SAP.  

SEE MFT for SAP solves these problems by providing a single, secure and fully automated managed file transfer platform that is deployed within SAP and SAP NetWeaver PI/XI. Included in the package are SEEBURGER solutions for a full range of managed file exchange scenarios; AS2, OFTP/OFTP2, HTTP/s and SFTP adapters to meet disparate trading partner encryption requirements; and a robust message tracking solution for point-and-click traceability of all file transfer activity.

With these components providing comprehensive coverage, organizations can: 

  • Centralize control over all SAP and non-SAP data movement both inside and outside the firewall – including structured, unstructured, system-to-system, system-to-human, human-to-human, application-to-application, application-to-human data and more
  • Automatically encrypt,  monitor, secure and document all data transfers, overcoming the security and management drawbacks of using multiple FTP/SFTP or MFT servers, corporate email systems, and/or consumer Web services
  • Automatically enforce business policies and rules-based routing governing data exchange, including what type of data each person can send and receive, the communications protocol to be used to transmit each file, and expiration of access privileges
  • Maintain a complete, centralized audit trail of file transfer activity for easy message tracking and compliance as well as non-repudiation
  • Tack all messages by status, process and any other business criteria – all from a single log
  • Gain single-vendor accountability for managed file transfer 


Specific benefits for SAP shops include the ability to:

  • Use SAP to manage all file transfer activity including B2B, EDI, EAI and MFT, meeting all business integration requirements with a single integrated toolset within the SAP interface
  • Leverage SAP NetWeaver as the control center for managed file transfer, thereby extending NetWeaver’s role as an integration platform and the value of existing SAP investments
  • Utilize pre-configured SAP PI workflows for internal and external managed file transfer, along with pre-defined end point configuration tools, for rapid implementation
  • Eliminate the risk of SAP data leakage by routing all SAP data exports through SEE MFT, which in turn automatically blocks exports by unauthorized users
  • Enable simple, secure certificate management as well as automatic EDI content conversion at end points, overcoming the limitations of the SAP SFTP adapter 

The SEE MFT platform is also optimized for trading partner management and supply chain operations, and scales to any number of trading partners, relationships and business processes as well as any business size.

“The typical IT infrastructure for integration consists of multiple middleware components that are not fully automated, costly to maintain, and disconnected from SAP,” said Rohit Khanna, EVP, Global Strategy and Corporate Development, for SEEBURGER. “By building managed file transfer functionality into the SAP interface and consolidating management and reporting of all internal and external file transfer activity under one GUI, SEEBURGER Managed File Transfer for SAP eliminates redundant architecture, simplifies administration, lowers the total cost of ownership, and provides complete file transfer visibility from within SAP.” 

SEEBURGER is demo’ing SEE MFT for SAP at Booth #3223 at the SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference opening today in Orlando.  For more information, visit , email or call 1-800-786-5998.



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