OmniChannel – Powering Your Digital Business Connections

OmniChannel – Powering Your Digital Business Connections

Some of today’s major retail companies are making major strategic bets on the fact that OmniChannel a strong growing trend-that is here to stay. Other retailers are making minor bets and some are in a “wait and see mode.”


The winners will be determined by today’s digital consumers who are “attracted to” and “delighted by” the retailer’s delivered OmniChannel brand experience.

The Digital Evolution

Is OmniChannel a strong growing trend or just a fad reaching its peak?

To deliver the optimal brand experience, retailers must align their complex list of current backend fulfillment system (e.g. ERP, OMS, PIMS, etc.) with their existing (e.g. store and call centers, etc.) and newly formed sales channels that include: mobile and internet. Optimally, one platform should be utilized to connect both fulfillment and demand channels so that there is less complexity and more simplification and standardization which is required for delivering a coherent and seamless customer experience-as well as better staff utilization.
In the SEEBURGER webcast link below, you can learn how some retailers are leveraging SEEBURGER’s Bimodal and Hybrid Integration Platform designed for delivering cost effective and faster competitive OmniChannel brand experiences to the market place.

The webcast will illuminate critical areas to provide insights into:

  • What is OmniChannel?
  • Who does it impact?
  • Is it an imperative? If so, what to do about it?
  • What is SEEBURGER’s Bimodal Hybrid Integration Platform
  • Where does it fit?
  • How can it deliver the value retailer’s seek?

Please click the link below to view the webcast or contact you nearest SEEBURGER representative.

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