Digitalization for the Manufacturing Industry

Functional Overview of the SEEBURGER BIS IoT Solution

The SEEBURGER BIS IoT solution supports companies in solving the integration tasks associated with industry 4.0 projects. Extend your integration and analysis capabilities to the level of real-world networked products and machines and convert old proprietary interfaces into standard formats to create a sustainable foundation for a wide variety of integration projects.

  • Transparency through networking
    With the BIS IoT solution, a continuous, transparent information chain can be implemented in production - from the planning and management systems to the execution level of the machines and sensors.
  • Use of open industry standards
    A comprehensive set of adapters provides the technical basis for all data integration tasks, whether internal or external. This includes standardized data models (e.g. AutomationML) and communication paths (e.g. OPC-UA, MQTT, Kafka).
  • Interoperability of systems and applications
    Connecting the participating applications such as ERP, PLM, MES and 'Things' integrates data and enables process-based exchange. Media discontinuity and information disruptions are avoided.
  • Security and data autonomy
    IT security at all levels through encryption, certificates and tools for implementing data governance and compliance with data protection policies. The BIS IoT solution ensures data sovereignty across all systems and in B2B.
  • Control and analytical capability
    SEEBURGER BIS IoT solution simplifies the creation, management and monitoring of business nodes and services by Asset Information Management (AIM) via predefined API profiles and integration of Data Hub /Analytics.
  • Investment security through flexible and dynamic expandability
    The openness and scalability of BIS make it possible to implement differentapplication scenarios on a consolidated basis. This not only improves the profitability of your operations, but also ensures a high level of investment security.

The BIS IoT Gateway collects and stores data from IoT edge devices, control systems or IoT platforms. API profiles make them available to (technical) applications and back-end systems at the planning and management level and link them to data analytics environments.

BIS IoT-Management bundles a wide range of web-based applications for managing APIs and services for IoT devices in production or in the field.It offers customized role-based functions for asset and process data management, configuration, monitoring and analysis.

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IoT Integration Dimensions

The SEEBURGER IoT solution supports companies in the implementation of(I)IoT integration projects.


Whether you want to create and integrate customer-specific value-added services or embrace the use of IoT requires the capability and optimizationof your business processes - with the SEEBURGER BIS IoT solution you extend your integration capability, flexibility and automation of your business IT to the atomic level of product instances. The SEEBURGER BIS IoT solution bridges the gap between the ‘things’ of the real world - products, machines, plants - and the digital world, your internal and inter-company business processes and enterprise applications. This allows you to respond more quickly and specifically to individual customer requirements without overtaxing the business IT landscape.



  • Adapters and master data profiles integrate the ‘things’ as business objects, e.g. via OPC-UA or MQTT, into your business processes
  • Ensuring data and process integration for your IoT platforms (e.g. Thingworx, SAP Leonardo AIN, Siemens Mindsphere)

Horizontal and vertical IIoT integration

An essential aspect of industry 4.0 is the use of intelligent plants and machines and the resulting adaptability of production systems. With the SEEBURGER BIS IoT solution, you supplement the control-related communication (ERP, MES, SPS) with further required information flows between Shop Floor and Top Floor - interoperable, secure and flexible. The BIS IoT solution relies on open industry standards (e.g. OPC UA) to provide integrated information logistics - vertically from the individual IoT device via your IT systems and applications to networking with external partners, and horizontally across the entire lifecycle of your value chain.



  • Easily create and manage your data and process integration logic
  • Interoperability between systems, applications and devices
  • Continuous networking by providing micro services around your IoT business objects

IoT Service Orchestration and Analytics

The BIS IoT solution supports the flexible adaptation of information logistics for monitoring and analysing your IoT services with tools for process design, monitoring and evaluations. These include modern data hub environments (Hadoop / Kafka) and their use in (IoT)IoT.



  • Integration of Data Lakes and Data Streams for Big Data Analysis
  • Provision of information models for monitoring and controlling IoT business processes


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