File Transfer – Made Simple and Secure

File Transfer – Made Simple and Secure

Increase the security, reliability and trackability of your critical file transfers - whether internally or externally with key customers, suppliers and other partners.


SEEBURGER MFT – file transfer made simple and secure!

Recent Massive Breaches Means Focus Now Squarely on Data Security

Recent Massive Breaches Means Focus Now Squarely on Data Security

With an increased amount of sensitive data traveling in files, security is a critical concern for all organizations.


BIS MFT helps enterprises of all sizes to collaborate securely.

Technology for Teamwork: Exchange Your Most Sensitive Data Securely

Technology for Teamwork: Exchange Your Most Sensitive Data Securely

Ensure security in file sharing and help your organization to meet compliance requirements. BIS MFT simplifies the challenge of working in distributed project teams: Collaboration and file transfer made simple and secure.

Functional Overview of the SEEBURGER BIS MFT Solution

Implement secure file transfer scenarios with SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite

The coordination of company-wide data streams requires security, control and transparency. SEEBURGER’s MFT solution comprehensively ensures this via two core building blocks: The MFT Gateway ensures the secure transfer of data and the MFT Management ensures efficient administration and control.

The BIS MFT Gateway controls and governs all processes around file transfer. The interactive file transfer functionality is provided by the BIS FileExchange Server.

The BIS MFT Management offers an overview of your own and third-party MFT mount points, users, authorizations and file transfers at any time and supports onboarding via self–service functions.

With tailored role–based functions for users, communication partners, MFT integrators and MFT specialists, the BIS MFT Management minimizes the effort for administration and communication with the users.

BIS MFT Solution – Advantages and Business Values

Whether automated or ad hoc, the BIS MFT solution creates security, transparency and traceability for your file transfers:

  • Central control
    Controlled, traceable file transfer with any business partner, systems and applications via a central transaction management for all communication protocols.

  • Secure transmission
    of any files without size limitation.

  • Simple handling
    Integration into usual workplace environments, web portals for secure integration of internal and external project participants and mobile apps.

  • Transparency and Compliance
    Controlled data transmission activities (who, when, to whom) while meeting compliance regulations.

  • Workflow controlled
    Individual automated/workflow–controlled scenarios for the pre or post processing of files.

  • Mobile app for access while underway
    Initiate and monitor secure transfer using tablets and smartphones while underway.

5 Ways Secure Managed File Transfer Can Improve Your Business

Automated and managed file transfer of any files using your current protocols (SFTP, FTP etc.).

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Without MFT

Corporate/personal e-mail, file sharing services, physical media/post

With MFT

Be a superhero and protect IP


  • E-Mail sent in the clear (non-encrypted) making it incredibly easy for information to be gleaned should e-mails be compromised.
  • Data written to physical media which is then posted/couriered stands a high risk of being compromised if mislaid/intercepted (especially if not encrypted).
  • E-Mail is sent across an encrypted channel meaning that even if it were intercepted, its contents are unlikely to ever be compromised.
  • Two-factor authentication whereby a secondary communications channel is needed for authentication, e.g. a unique code sent to a mobile device.


  • Utilising personal e-mail and file sharing services relinquishes corporate control, i.e. data ownership and geo-location is handed over to third parties.
  • Handing-off to postal/courier services to deliver data written to physical media also relinquishes corporate control.
  • Personal e-mail accounts, file sharing services and postal services/couriers are no longer needed, thus ensuring total corporate control.
  • Deploying an MFT solution on-premise (as an alternative to a Cloud service) can provide further levels of corporate control.


  • Regular corporate e-mail does not provide visibility into the status of files received, let alone support the notion of non-repudiation.
  • Unauthorised use of personal e-mail accounts and file sharing services is hard to visibly detect, let alone deter.
  • Every file transfer activity is controlled and logged in the MFT server which provides a complete visible audit-trail.
  • Uniquely identifiable PURL’s (private links) provide visibility into exactly which files have been downloaded, by who, and when.


  • Writing files to physical media and posting/couriering introduces unwanted delay in the exchange of information and jeopardise competitive advantage.
  • With a simple MFT plug-in, regular e-mail clients can be used for sending files securely, meaning no time is wasted in having to switch to a discrete solution.


Without MFT

Personal e-mail and file sharing services

With MFT

Avoid being a rule breaker


  • E-Mail sent in the clear (non-encrypted) making it incredibly easy for information to be gleaned should e-mails be compromised.
  • E-mail is sent across an encrypted channel meaning that even if it were intercepted, its contents are unlikely to ever be compromised.


  • The average customer/member of public will not have the technical capability to download, install, register, and use a file sharing service app.
  • A simple to use single app. ensures the user submits all necessary elements of evidence with the minimum of complexity.


  • Every minute wasted in submitting evidence negatively affects the quality of service, e.g. claim-to-settlement time, catching perpetrators of crime etc.
  • No time is wasted in the user having to figure-out their own method for sending information. Pre-registering users’ details expedites processing.


  • File sharing service apps. such as DropBox, Hightail etc. relinquish data control/location away from Insurance companies, police forces etc.
  • Complete in-house control of sensitive information storage and location.


Without MFT

File Transfer Protocol (FTP), shared storage (SAN, NAS etc.)

With MFT

Do what matters most


  • The hidden costs involved with supporting a ‘free’ protocol such as FTP requires the employment of staff with the technical competence to manage frequent changes to the IT landscape, e.g. script maintenance, scheduling, remedial file transfer failure action etc.
  • Empowers businesses with limited technical knowledge to monitor and control file transfer activity through a single User Interface (UI) thus removing the need for expensive technical staff.


  • FTP often results in undesired situations such as incomplete files, duplicate files, incorrectly named or located files etc. which have a negative impact on Straight Through Processing (STP) levels.
  • Intelligent transfer protocol ensures files are transferred efficiently in their entirety (automatic checkpoint/restart), are not duplicated, and are correctly named – therefore increasing STP levels.

Audit Trail

  • Shared storage doesn’t provide a centralised activity log that can be used for audit trail purposes, let alone providing any notion of non-repudiation.
  • All file transfer activity is centrally logged in an events database that provides a comprehensive audit trail across the entire MFT landscape.


  • Because a centralised ‘single source of truth’ audit trail cannot be provided, demonstrating compliance with in-house standards and / or external regulations is fraught with difficulties.
  • A ‘single source of truth’ audit trail provides businesses with compliance readiness.

Maximum protection when exchanging sensitive data!

Are your departments bypassing your compliance guidelines? See how you can solve this!

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SEEBURGER – More than 30 years of experience in secure file transfer technology.

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