Automatic processing of incoming invoices
with SEEBURGER Purchase-to-Pay

B2B SAP solutions to optimize and automate IT purchase-to-pay processes

Using our tried and tested SAP standardized solutions for the transparent automation and optimization of the purchase-to-pay processes, our customers can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Lower costs of financial administration and sales
    Significant cost reductions thanks to clear, standardized processes and automatic reconciliation of incoming invoices.
  • Improved working capital and cash management
    The incoming invoices and orders book integrated into SAP and the Reporting Cockpit makes your processes completely transparent, so it is easier to improve the company’s cash position.
  • Meet internal and external compliance requirements
    Our solutions provides long-term compliance management: you have the option of setting up authorization rules, the workflows provide a fully documented process history, and all applicable legal requirements are clearly flagged.
  • Complete integration with existing SAP systems
    SEEBURGER solutions can be fully integrated with SAP software, maximizing effectiveness and ease of use.

From ordering to payment

SEEBURGER’s integrated purchase-to-pay solution lets you link purchase requisitions, orders, order confirmation, receipt of goods, receipt of invoice and release of the supplier’s invoice for payment together into a seamless and efficient process. Quick, professional and above all cost-effective, it incorporates current SAP best practices and will make a significant contribution to improving your cash flow and profits in the long term.

The purchase-to-pay process uses OCR and freeform technology to convert invoices received in paper, PDF and fax formats into electronic data. Conversely, EDI data is automatically displayed as an invoice that end users can read. When electronic invoices are received with a digital signature it is automatically verified. Following validation, invoices flow into the existing IT infrastructure – e.g. SAP or other ERP systems – for booking. Non-SAP-users can be integrated into the invoice release process via Web clients.

SEEBURGER’s purchase-to-pay solution handles processing of invoices received via any channel, and monitors and logs the entire process, from scanning through to booking.

SEEBURGER purchase-to-pay – the benefits

  • Reduced invoice processing costs thanks to a high level of automation from entry through release and booking, or automatic invoice booking.
  • Checking all documentation for tax requirements; fewer lost cash discounts and lower payment collection costs, thanks to faster invoice processing and increased process transparency
  • Processes are entirely transparent and traceable, thanks to the logging of all activities for each document
  • Faster period-end closing
  • Complies with all regulatory requirements on invoice processing, including Sarbanes-Oxley etc.  

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