Utilities Case Study BS|ENERGY

BS|ENERGY Continues Digitalization of Processes and Defines Standards

The challenge

In order for a contract to be binding, both sides must agree on the parameters. Even when an agreement is reached, critical mistakes can put the integrity of the contract, and even the fate of the businesses, at risk. Therefore, a thorough review of the contractual parameters on both sides is essential.

Historically for BS|ENERGY, these reviews have required extensive time and effort, and multiple processes and solutions to ensure a positive outcome. In order to keep pace in a competitive marketplace and with continuously new regulation requirements, and to minimize costs at the same time, BS|ENERGY decided it was time for digitalization.

The solution

As an additional component to the SEEBURGER RRM+ Service, SEEBURGER Confirmation Matching (CM) Service compares all elements of a contract and alerts both parties of discrepancies. Users then manually make changes, then automatically synchronize their confirmations via the system. BS|ENERGY, a long-standing partner of SEEBURGER, now uses CM Service.

Companies like BS|ENERGY that already report their business to ACER or REGIS-TR via the SEEBURGER RRM+ Service do not need an additional connection to the system. BS|ENERGY can use the service without additional effort and compare their data with other trading partners. Smaller, unconnected trading partners can also use the service via an automatically sent email link, which does not affect the fully automated process for BS|ENERGY.

With SEEBURGER CM Service, BS|ENERGY has managed to standardize and automate processes to simplify the confirmation process.


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I recommend the product because I am convinced of the idea. The more customers and partners are in the same boat, the easier it will be for every single one.

Markus Seiler, Team Leader Digitalization


BS|ENERGY is a subsidiary of the city of Braunschweig (25.1%), Veolia Deutschland GmbH (50.1%) and Thüga AG (24.8%). The company is a basic supplier in Braunschweig and the owner of the pipeline networks (electricity, gas, water, heat, glass fibre). In addition to energy and water, the BS|ENERGY Group offers services in the areas of wastewater, street lighting and infrastructure. In 2017, BS|ENERGY generated revenues of approx. 641 million euros. The largest holdings are BS|NETZ (network operator) and SE|BS (municipal drainage). The BS|ENERGY Group employs approx. 1,200 employees and trainees.