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DB Cargo Logistics GmbH implements innovative logistics solutions with SEEBURGER

Based on the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS), the company successfully handles all integration requirements in the areas of EDI/B2B, Managed File Transfer (MFT) and API Management centrally, and with its own team. With more than 20 partners, over 90 mappings, a multitude of protocols (OFTP2, Mail, HTTPS, Web-Service, SFTP) and formats (EDIFACT, VDA, in-house formats, XML, CSV, JSON), 2.5 million processes per year are currently controlled. The solution is also used for order, booking and status data as well as invoice exchange.

Optimization of logistics processes and expansion of customer services

With the development of innovative and sustainable logistics solutions, the company is setting new standards in logistics. For example, the ‘Wagon Intelligence’ pilot project aims to improve scheduling forecasting, increase wagon utilisation, localise damage using GPS and save costs by recording the data itself.

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Customer scenario logistics integration at DB Cargo Logistics

Real-time tracking of the wagon fleet with the SEEBURGER BIS API solution

To monitor the wagon fleet, wagons will be equipped with modern radio and sensor technology. In addition to device information, the system also records location and movement status, mileage and speed, weight/load, angle of inclination and shocks.

The SEEBURGER BIS API solution, as the central data hub of the DB Cargo Logistics network, provides REST Web-Services for receiving raw sensor data – thus controlling data records worth hundreds of millions of Euros. The sensor data of wagons that are in motion are sent, converted, consolidated and forwarded to an internal dispatching system several times an hour (several times a day in the case of standstill).

In the second stage of the project, the company is planning further REST Web-Services to gain additional insights such as entries and exits into ‘geofences’. With the help of geofences – virtual fences on a map – unproductive downtimes, for example, can be detected and reported. It is also planned to import the data into a data warehouse and make the processed data available for new customer services.

Highest availability & security

Additionally, SEEBURGER is scheduled to establish an Active Active clustered solution to ensure comprehensive availability of the system and to minimise downtime for system and software updates. A further phase will be to increase network security and simplify partner connections with Secure Proxy (reverse proxy), as well as 24/7 support (ensuring 24/7 monitoring, round-the-clock emergency concept, remote alerting and management).

Benefits for DB Cargo Logistics

  • Real-time tracking of the wagon fleet improves scheduling forecasts and wagon utilization
  • Continuous optimization of logistics processes
  • Innovative logistics solutions for the further expansion of the customer services
  • Cost savings due to self-capturing of data
  • Highest availability and security
  • Central basis for EDI and latest requirements, e.g. REST services

The SEBURGER BIS API solution enables us to track wagons and their freight in Real-time with pinpoint accuracy. Our logistics processes and thus our customer service can be expanded continuously.

Jörn Clüsserath, Senior System Engineer, DB Cargo Logistics GmbH

About DB Cargo Logistics

DB Cargo Logistics GmbH, a subsidiary of DB Cargo AG, offers logistics solutions for the automotive and timber industries. Automotive customers benefit from a fleet of special wagons for the transport of finished vehicles and components and a wide range of transport and logistics services. The network extends beyond German and European borders to growth markets such as China and Russia.