Utilities Case Study enviaM

The enviaM Group Minimizes Risk by Standardizing the Confirmation Processes

The challenge

The customers of the enviaM group receive various confirmation documents, depending on the way in which the energy trading business was closed – by telephone, electronically or by e-mail. In the case of PDF documents, these are electronically signed before being sent individually to the business partners. They are returned by fax or e-mail, signed or unsigned. In the event of divergent interpretations of the contents of the contract, handwritten comments will be made on the documents. All this causes a high manual effort. For this reason, the aim is to standardize and fully automate processes in order to improve cooperation for both sides. The goal is to ensure that customers always receive the same form of business confirmation.

The solution

With the SEEBURGER Confirmation Matching Service, which is a module in the RRM+ Service, it is possible to meet the complex requirements of the enviaM Group. Users can synchronize their confirmations automatically via the system. An important benefit to companies like the enviaM group which already report their business to ACER or REGIS-TR via the SEEBURGER RRM+ Service, is that they do not need an additional connection to the system.

Therefore, they don’t need to spend more time or resources connecting to CM Service. And because they are already using RRM+, the required data format, ACER XML, is available, which can be used to compare transactions. In addition, smaller, unconnected trading partners can be sent an email link via the system to participate in confirmation.

With SEEBURGER CM Service, enviaM Group no longer has to deal with communications by fax or email, or what can be illegible handwritten comments. The company has reduced risk and cost by standardizing and automating its confirmation processes.


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I recommend the product because I am convinced of the solution. It significantly simplifies the handling processes for our business partners and for us.

Wolf-Dietrich Hanzlik, Head of business transaction, enviaM and MITGAS

About enviaM

The enviaM Group is the leading regional energy service provider in Eastern Germany. The group of companies supplies more than 1.3 million customers with electricity, gas, heat and energy services. The envia Mitteldeutsche Energie AG (enviaM), Chemnitz, and other companies in which enviaM holds a majority stake belong to this group of companies with more than 3,300 employees. Together they develop the Internet of Energy in East Germany. The majority shareholders of enviaM are innogy SE and about 650 East German communities.