H. D. Smith outsources B2B and secure file collaboration

The Business – Vital supply chain

Headquartered in Springfield, Illinois and founded in 1954, H. D. Smith is among the largest national full-service wholesalers in the pharmaceutical industry. The company provides a range of solutions and services to manufacturers and a complete line of pharmaceuticals; over-the-counter medications; healthcare products, equipment, and merchandise; and marketing programs to retail pharmacies, regional chains, and health systems.

“Sharing data with our thousands of partners and suppliers is the absolute lifeblood of the business at H. D. Smith,” said David Guzman, Chief Information Officer, H. D. Smith.

“To handle this data sharing, we did a thorough evaluation and outsourced all of the integration infrastructure and related management to SEEBURGER,” Guzman stated.

“We trust SEEBURGER with this vital aspect of our business because of their combination

of technical competency, customer service, and depth of understanding of the health care industry.”

The Goals – Fulfilling on the vision

“This is a time of rapid change in the healthcare industry. But while the challenges are immense and the competition is stiff, H. D. Smith stands apart as a company with a phenomenal completeness of vision and a real commitment to people,” Guzman said.

“The company’s twin goals are optimizing patient care and reducing administrative burdens in healthcare.”

“A few years ago H. D. Smith undertook a huge initiative to improve a wide range of processes and technology to position the company to scale and grow and fulfill its vision effectively,” Guzman said. “Today we handle the chain of distribution between manufacturers and products, and we know there is an immense amount of information that can flow up and down that chain,” Guzman said. “We see an opportunity to expand into solutions and services based around information, and this view of how our services will evolve is also part of the H. D. Smith vision.”

H. D. Smith (Healthcare) using SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite
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