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Digitalizing Logistics Processes with a Fully-Managed Cloud Solution.

When it comes to digitalizing logistics processes, the question in the market is no longer "if", but "when". At that point, companies need to decide which processes to prioritize and for which processes they can make internal resources available.

The logistics company Hartmann Spedition & Logistik AG decided to take advantage of the fully-managed SEEBURGER cloud for standardized data exchange. This means that they have entrusted SEEBURGER with certain critical business processes. This partnership gives Hartmann Spedition & Logistik AG a hybrid way to control the entire value chain hybrid – from transport logistics to warehousing and value added services.

SEEBURGER Cloud Integration for a 360° service offering

Hartmann Spedition & Logistik AG benefit from the following services from the SEEBURGER Cloud

  • Set-up and go live services for customers and suppliers
  • Integration with in-house TMS & WMS systems
  • 24/7 operation of digital processes to distribute incoming and outgoing goods.
  • On German servers to the latest security and ISO standards

This has transformed business-critical order processing to a digitalized cloudbased service, which runs quietly in the background and ensures smooth transportation and on-time deliveries.


Cloud Services

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The SEEBURGER Cloud connects the TMS and WMS with customers, suppliers and service providers

The flexibility and growth potential of the SEEBURGER Cloud

SEEBURGER’s Cloud Integration Services connect customers, partners and systems. Once you’ve set up a service, you can scale, adapt and extend it to higher transaction and data volumes or other standardized processes.

At Hartmann Spedition & Logistik AG, the SEEBURGER cloud:

  • Connects B2B customers to the TMS-System for automated order processing
  • Integrates supplier processes to enable receipt of goods as agreed with each customer
  • Synchronizes the TMS and WMS systems to automate booking, calculation and clearance of storage space
  • Connects logistics partners to digitally optimize transportation capacity and avoid empty runs

Automating processes not only accelerates them, it also increases reliability with an error rate of almost zero.

In the future, the company could easily use the SEEBURGER Cloud for other real-time scenarios, such as synchronized processing or using API technologies to integrate third-party (cloud) services.

Benefits for Hartmann Spedition & Logistik AG

  • Digitalization of internal and external logistics processes
  • Business partner integration which optimizes time, costs and quality
  • Able to concentrate resources on their core logistics activities
  • High operational reliability and availability.
  • Able to draw on SEEBURGER’s extensive know how in the logistics industry
  • A future-proof integration platform, flexible, scalable and with real-time capabilities.

Thanks to the SEEBURGER Cloud service, we are able to concentrate more on our strategic logistics services. Standardized integration services don’t just save us time and money, they also give us better quality data exchange.

Rolf Dziony, Project Manager, Hartmann Spedition & Logistik AG

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