WebEDI supplier integration in the cloud for optimized procurement processes and e-invoicing

HOERBIGER Holding AG of Zug, Switzerland, is a world-leading technology group that is specialized in compressor technology, automation technology, drive technology, and automotive comfort systems. In its drive technology business the company has long benefited from using EDI for data interchange with major partners for swift and efficient provision of information without data entry errors.

Starting with the compressor technology division, time-consuming manual and error-prone order processing with the Group’s many small and midrange suppliers around the world was automated with the aid of the SEEBURGER WebEDI Portal, to which suppliers report. For billing the order data is taken over automatically in a so-called turn-around process. The supplier can record surcharges and discounts at item level and select additional expenses for the invoice. Once it has been sent, the invoice is relayed in a structured form to HOERBIGER’s SAP system taking into account local requirements and supporting the rollout by local teams in, say, India or China.

Since SEEBURGER’s iOrder WebEDI portal went live at the beginning of 2012 HOERBIGER has used it to handle an annual procurement volume of more than EUR 25 million and 30,000 items. This success story is ongoing, with further expansion (of countries and processes) planned.

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In iOrder we have a well-rounded and efficient way to handle our order processing by means of e-Invoicing with all of our suppliers around the world at a high quality level and without entry errors and are thereby able to concentrate once more on strategic procurement.

Urszula Akalin, E-Tool Plant Coordinator, Global Procurement, Compressor Technology at HOERBIGER Holding