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Global Renewal Strategy for Overall Data Integration – SAP S/4HANA Ready

Schleich has been inspiring the imagination of children all over the world with its detailed animal figures for many years. The company now sells its products in more than 70 countries and maintains numerous locations worldwide.

With the decision to renew its primarily international business processes and increase its global competitiveness, Schleich is fundamentally modernizing its IT business application landscape. The increased use of standards, use of cloud providers and consolidation of EDI and legacy systems ensure significant cost savings, better customer relationships and connectivity to global trading partners.

More security and efficiency with lower IT costs

For the entire data and process integration with all external partners, Schleich chose SEEBURGER as its global managed EDI services provider connected to the central Azure cloud platform and SAP.

Since the beginning of the project for comprehensive modernization and consolidation, the migration to the SEEBURGER Cloud has led to high cost-efficiency and:

  • Availability and stabilization of the electronic trading landscape
  • Simplified system and processes in sales and operations
  • Worldwide scalability of integration backbone for the future

The SEEBURGER Cloud supports any integration capability that Schleich needs for further international growth with powerful scalability, flexibility and high-failure and data security.

With SEEBURGER as a strategic, long-term and international partner for our B2B communication, we have made the right choice. From the USA to Japan, we are well positioned with the Managed EDI Services from SEEBURGER to support our international growth of the future.

Emanuel Fritz, Director Global IT, Schleich

A simple path to the SEEBURGER Cloud: From project start to rollout

Within one year, Schleich achieved its ambitious project goals to manage all interconnected sub-projects such as EDI consolidation, connection of the SEEBURGER Supplier Portal, API integration and e-invoicing FatturaPA implementation. The following process steps proved to be beneficial and ensured the project’s success.

By assembling a team of members from several departments, IT experts, external partners and the responsible sponsor, all integration requirements were collected, evaluated and prioritized. The proof-of-concept was defined and, depending on its success, the subsequent goals and schedule were set.

During the project, SEEBURGER Cloud consultants and Schleich’s project staff worked together to make all the connections and evaluate them at the end of the project for completed/open or additional/special project tasks. At the end of the project, lessons learned were drawn and the follow-up project was launched.

Initially, three partner connections in the countries with the highest sales (DE, FR, US) served as the proof-of-concept. These included a high-volume, a very complex and a traditional, long-established connection such as the automated conversion of email messages into EDI. After the successful integration into SAP, the go-ahead was given for the implementation.

Rollout wave
After the very good experiences in the project team with the onboarding of new partners, the project character should be maintained in the further course. It was therefore decided to continue the next implementation steps as a follow-up project in the same team constellation. In this way, the team continues to benefit from effective meetings and rapid processing in agile rollout waves.

Simplification of the Schleich IT landscape through transformation into the SEEBURGER Cloud replaces Microsoft BizTalk and former & regional EDI providers

Replacing corporate IT legacy landscape with SEEBURGER Fully Managed Services

As a result of the consolidation of legacy EDI systems, such as Microsoft BizTalk, the pending replacement of ERP functionalities and moving all partner connections to the cloud, Schleich is benefiting from the following services:

  • Comprehensive integration of SAP landscape, including SAP S/4HANA readiness in future as a global, modern working place installed in the cloud
  • Integration of international customers as well as some Japanese customers through the specific Zengin Communication Protocol
  • EDI connection of suppliers directly, via the SEEBURGER Supplier Portal to improve global supply chain operation in the business
  • API integration of new e-commerce fulfillment provider ShipHero in USA and other logistics service providers
  • Global SEEBURGER E-Invoicing Cloud Services for several EU countries

With the extremely wide-ranged, ready-to-go SEEBURGER repository of standardized partner mappings, our project was completed in record time. We saved valuable project time and were also able to handle special mapping needs with the know-how of the SEEBURGER Cloud consultants.

Swetaketu Majumder, Product Owner EDI & WMS, Schleich

Benefits for Schleich

  • Fast implementation of new interfaces due to available mappings
  • Well-documented and supported current and future standards
  • Reduction/clarification of the backlog of EDI requirements on customer and supplier side to achieve close integration of business partners
  • Implementation of secure business processes through redundancy and 24/7 support
  • High service level provided for Schleich globally by an international support organization
  • Ad hoc self-services for small mapping changes via the MaptableManager App

SEEBURGER Cloud with EDI, API and SAP Integration Services

About Schleich

Friedrich Schleich founded Schleich in Schwäbisch Gmünd in 1935. Today, the company is one of Germany’s largest toy manufacturers and a leading international supplier of realistic animal figures. The famous characters and sets made by schleich® are sold in more than 70 countries and have become a beloved feature in children’s rooms around the world.

As a global player with Swabian roots, Schleich GmbH now generates more than half of its turnover outside of its core market in Germany. In 2022, Schleich had a global turnover of EUR 275 million, selling around 40 million animal figures.