Connect Cheaper and Deeper than with an EDI VAN

Connect Cheaper and Deeper

Why restrict yourself to costly and restrictive connections that your EDI VAN provider controls?


NOW is the time to replace your aging EDI VAN with a digital integration platform that can connect you cheaper and deeper.

Join The Movement – Replace the EDI VAN

Join The Movement

Value Added Networks are no longer adding value. NOW is the time to recognise the need for change...


Rise-up and join the movement that’s taking back control from EDI VANs by replacing them with a digital integration platform.

Discover New Possibilities beyond the EDI VAN

Discover New Possibilities

Free yourself from the shackles that your EDI VAN provider has in place around your business and embrace the new world order...


Replacing your EDI VAN with a digital integration platform provides a new level of IT capabilitiy that best equips you to discover new possibilities.

Replace the EDI VAN

By replacing outdated EDI VANs, our digital integration platform has helped many companies since the inception of Value Added Networks (VANs) in the 1970’s. Back then EDI VANs had a place for connecting counter-parties’ mainframes and enabling business between them. 40 years on and with the advent of the Internet, the digital connectivity landscape has shifted dramatically. B2B/EDI Connections between suppliers and buyers can now be made cheaper (with a digital integration platform) and deeper (with APIs and value-add services) compared to outdated EDI VANs. And yet EDI VANs still remain, lurking amongst many an IT infrastructure.

NOW is the time to remove the unnecessary cost and burden of an EDI VAN – Contact SEEBURGER today for a free EDI VAN survey.

Together we can replace the EDI VAN!

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Connect Cheaper and Deeper

Nowadays we wouldn’t dream of phoning the operator to be put through to someone – we simply dial the number ourselves and speak. This is analogous to using an EDI VAN vs. a digital integration platform … the provider of an EDI VAN (the operator) controls the length of time you are put on hold whilst they connect you, and then charges you for every word spoken. This is a tedious and expensive process. A digital integration platform however puts you in direct control of the connectivity and keeps the cost of the conversation low. Not only that, but you can connect to just about anybody (with wide-reaching protocol/standards support) and can deeply integrate with other IT services via APIs to deliver real value-add to your customers.

Join The Movement

The ‘Value’ in VANs has all but gone. However, the widespread adoption of what’s now 40 year old technology inevatabily means that EDI VANs are still lurking in the underbelly of many an IT infrastructure. They lay silent and often unoticed, adding unnecessary cost to the bottom line and restricting business growth. It’s also wrongly assumed that because your supplier or customer may use an EDI VAN, so too should you. Many companies are only just now beginning to realise that they can utilise EDI without a VAN, and with the help of SEEBURGER, are doing something about it NOW by joining the movement to replace the EDI VAN. Can you afford not to join the movement?

Discover New Possibilities

With an EDI VAN being incumbent in your business for so many years, the chances are that you may not have even realised the restrictions that it has been placing upon your business. Why? Because we all tend to make do with the hand we have been dealt, rather than looking for an alternative. Maybe the old addage ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ rings true? However, it’s not until the benefits of doing things differently are brought into focus that things can change for the better. By joining the movement that is replacing EDI VANs with a digital integration platform to connect cheaper and deeper, you too can discover new possibilities. For example, the same platform can be utilised to provide services beyond EDI connectivity by way of API management, ERP integration, e-Invoicing, Managed File Transfer (MFT), IIoT etc.

Contact SEEBURGER today and take advantage of a free survey for an appraisal of your current EDI VAN usage and the benefits/projected cost savings. Join the movement that is replacing costly EDI VANs with digital integration platforms and discover a whole new world of possibilities. Together we can replace the EDI VAN.

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Join The Movement: Replace the EDI VAN

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