Integration Challengers: SEEBURGER Combines B2B with iPaaS Capabilities


Integration Challengers:
SEEBURGER Combines B2B with iPaaS Capabilities

How are organizations buying integration? What are the key capabilities buyers are looking for when selecting an integration tool and a vendor? What are the key assets and differentiators that make SEEBURGER an integration challenger? Get insights as well as advice for the technology buyer and a future outlook in this free IDC Perspective.

IDC has predicted that the total integration market is set to double by 2026. This explosive growth will not come from the two traditional integration scenarios and personas alone. As this market expands, a third major category - the pivoting platform players, with a much less strict definition than the other two, has the potential to solve automation challenges in new ways that solve changing needs of technology buyers.

Pivoting platform players are a mix of well-established companies, often working in related fields such as MFT, EDI, cloud, business automation that have pivoted their platforms to include integrated platform as a service (iPaaS) and API integration capabilities, either organically or through acquisition/replatforming.” 1

In their research, IDC regularly assesses tech vendors on their position and competitiveness in their respective markets. This IDC Perspective profiles SEEBURGER which is considered as a challenger in the integration market.

The document explores the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS) platform’s evolution from B2B integration vendor to holistic integration vendor, including application integration capabilities. It also outlines the product features, differentiators, and others that buyers should consider when evaluating the product.

As key takeaways IDC

  • considers SEEBURGER an established and leading player in business automation and B2B integration that has now added API-based integration to its business integration platform,
  • discusses our API-integration management service which can be used in conjunction with our existing automation capabilities and BIS platform or as a standalone product,
  • highlights our dual focus on B2B and API-based integration which allows for complete integration coverage when used in conjunction.

According to Shari Lava, research director, Automation, IDC, “Organizations can no longer afford to think only about data movement in silos. Companies need solutions that can seamlessly manage data movement both inside and outside the organization. SEEBURGER BIS may be a good fit for organizations with heavy B2B integration needs and typical application integration needs.”

Download your free copy of the IDC report, Integration Challengers: SEEBURGER Combines B2B with iPaaS Capabilities to get the complete analysis with advice for the technology buyer as well as a future outlook.


1 IDC, Integration Challengers: SEEBURGER Combines B2B with iPaaS Capabilities, doc #US50831923, June 2023

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