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What Key Capabilities Do You Need to Manage APIs?

If you’re using APIs, or plan to start integrating them into your environment, this webcast is for you! Learn how our BIS API Solution can help manage and control all your API integration scenarios.

Cloud services, e-commerce, and mobile applications: Digital technologies offer you enormous opportunities for new ways to generate value, and improve networking with partners, clients and target audiences. To be a successful digital business, real-time information is key. With a broad range of API technologies and preconfigured building blocks, the SEEBURGER BIS API Lifecycle Management Solution supports your company’s real-time integration scenarios and allows for transparency and control over third party interfaces, users, permissions and file access at all times.

Integration teams control API traffic, but this requires specific capabilities within an integration platform. Join this webcast to watch live demos about how to ensure end-to-end visibility, enforce API policies, and enable integration teams to resolve unexpected issues quickly.


  1. Discovery
  2. Security
  3. Orchestration
  4. Lifecycle Management
  5. Traffic Monitoring

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