SEEBURGER Event | Hausmesse

e3zine | February 2017

30 Years of SEEBURGER – Customers found out how they could benefit from the digital transformation at the SEEBURGER in-house exhibition.

In digitalization planning, new business models and processes play a crucial role. However business integration and networking are of great importance too – and these are areas in which SEEBURGER has long been among the key market players, continually driving further progress in this field and is hence one of the world's true digital pioneers since 1986. The digital transformation provided the impetus for SEEBURGER to set sights on a new wave of expansion and international growth.

"The SEEBURGER BIS has proven itself as a solution that is based on standardized, consistent technology which is continually being improved and expanded."
Michael Kleeberg, Co-CEO SEEBURGER AG

BIS includes core elements with management features for near-real-time and real-time use in the digital age

  • B2B/EDI Integration
  • Managed File Transfer Integration
  • EAI/API Integration

By Gottfried Welz, specialist IT reporter

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