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Achieve Modernization and Digitalization

Simplified Migration Best Practices

Digitalize and Modernize your Infrastructure through Simplified Migration and Consolidation

Today many industries cannot afford to operate with legacy MFT/B2B middleware applications that lead to a plethora of business challenges. These home grown and outdated applications can cause business silos, increased cost of ownership, compliance and regulatory concerns, and limited access to information, all resulting in difficulties meeting customer and organizational expectations and demands.

The smart enterprise meets these challenges by replacing MFT and B2B legacy systems with digitally enabled, modernized, secure, trustworthy and scalable business integration applications.

Digitally Transform Business Processes with Your Partners and the SEEBURGER B2B/EDI Solutions

  • Seamless digital business with your trading partners via B2B/EDI
  • Connect SMB partners via WebEDI
  • Secure product data exchange with engineering partners
  • Manage and monitor your growing B2B community
  • Secure replacement of outdated B2B integration platforms
  • B2B/EDI full service in the SEEBURGER Cloud

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