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B2B Modernization and Migration

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Information Overview

Digitally Transformation of Business Processes with your Partners

Across all industries, organizations are experiencing rapid growth in their business partner networks. It is necessary to onboard a large number of B2B processes and continuously monitor them. The SEEBURGER B2B/EDI Solutions ensure efficient electronic exchange and automatic processing of business documents – standardized and integrated, covering all industries.

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For Enterprise EDI Environments: We solve your toughest B2B/EDI Challenges

SEEBURGER is a global integration company with more than 30 years’ experience. We are born and raised in EDI and over the year’s added functionality and now we have a single, agile and scalable integration platform – single code-base – all from one hand. Onboard, orchestrate and optimize: the efficient implementation and operation of B2B/EDI processes requires a comprehensive B2B/EDI Solution which covers messaging/gateway and management components. The SEEBURGER BIS can handle these enterprise requirements.

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For small and medium EDI Environments: Consolidate and automate Data Exchange with Business Partners efficiently

To gain more revenue and grow, small and medium-sized companies must deliver consistently good service to customers and partners or risk losing business to the competition. But all too often, the mechanics of good service – electronic collaboration – get in the way. Through our pre-configured and standardized solutions for your industry you can start with small scope, get trading partners connected swiftly and remain flexible.

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For legacy EDI Environments: Digitize and modernize your Infrastructure through simplified Migration and Consolidation

Today, many companies can no longer afford to work with older, partly self-developed B2B/EDI middleware applications because these self-developed and outdated applications lead to dead ends. Older platforms coming from other software vendors than SEEBURGER often end up on the sidelines because of a M&A where the new owner has no real use for the purchased (second) software stack. Ultimately, the companies that rely on EDI software face increased operating costs, compliance and regulatory issues as well as failures in operational security and support from other vendors.

It is time to think about replacing B2B/EDI legacy systems with modern, secure, trusted and scalable business integration applications.

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See real world case studies how our customers modernize their integration and communication platform, combine hybrid integration needs including B2B/EDI Business Integration on one platform and digitalize value chains.

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Read insights from our colleagues who work on B2B/EDI Business Integration all day long. SEEBURGER was founded 1986 has been doing EDI ever since.

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