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Integrate Google Pub/Sub Using BIS 6.7

See how BIS 6.7 integrates easily to this Google Cloud Platform service using the SEEBURGER connector.


The Digital Change is bringing an abundancy of new integration challenges to companies in every industry. SEEBURGER ́s approach has always been different: Single, agile and scalable platform – single code-base – all from one hand. SEEBURGER is proud to announce BIS 6.7 as our new major release. With the release of BIS 6.7, SEEBURGER continues to deliver a single, agile and scalable best-in-class business integration platform

Google Pub/Sub is a valuable service that addresses challenges in streaming analytics and data integration pipelines to do tasks like ingesting and distributing data. In this live demo, we will show you how to use BIS 6.7 for stream processing and data integration with this service.

In this webcast, you will learn more about the Google Pub/Sub Service and our Connector, as well as integration scenarios in a live demo.

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Business Integration Suite 6.7

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