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BIS 6.7 in Action: The Advantages of Using BIS Metrics

Discover BIS metrics and how they can support you in your daily work with BIS.

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SEEBURGER BIS 6.7 offers a single, scalable and agile best in class business integration platform providing you with a blended approach to integration, including support for B2B/EDI, MFT, E-Invoicing, IoT, API and EAI business use cases and relevant hybrid integration platform capabilities; on-premises, in a hybrid setup and 100% in the cloud. The BIS 6.7 APP Framework allows users of any type (IT, line-of-business, administrator) a role-based access with a modern user interface.
This will enable existing and new customers to choose from all integration patterns and to combine and mix them freely. API based integration and API Management is an important part of it and our unique ability to combine it with the other integration patterns is our key differentiator.

In this episode of "BIS 6.7 in Action," our expert Michael Rehberg explains how BIS metrics help system administrators monitor their BIS Platform. You'll learn about scenarios such as "External Monitoring", "Root Cause Analysis", and "Trend Analysis of System Behavior", in addition to an overall explanation of the available metrics.

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Business Integration Suite 6.7 Major Release

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