Innovations and Improvements: SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite

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BIS Innovations Series

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SEEBURGER BIS is a single, scalable and agile integration platform for any integration need and any size company across a range of branches. The powerful platform evolves with the latest technology and with the needs of our customers across global industries. BIS allows you to access all your data at the right place and in real-time, enabling maximum process efficiency and control, on-premises, as a hybrid solution or as a 100% cloud based managed service. We take into account five areas – user experience, integration capabilities, technology improvements, operational cost reduction and deployment models – and based on any input from the field and those working with our customers, we decide what changes we can make to improve BIS.

Join us as we explain the latest updates and changes we have made to BIS every quarter.

In each webcast, we share details on what has been delivered through the latest Service Packs, with focus on:

  • User Experience
  • Integration Capabilities
  • Technology Improvements
  • Operational Cost Reduction
  • Deployment Models

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