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Global E-Invoicing Service

E-invoicing means the electronic exchange of structured invoice data between suppliers and customers, either transmitted directly between sender and recipient via an e-invoicing network or central exchange and clearance systems.

SEEBURGER’s Global E-Invoicing Service is a cloud-based B2B service designed to support any company exchanging electronic invoice data in an international environment. International e-invoicing is often subject to strict requirements on how the invoice is created and delivered, with real-time checks and approval of transactions by authorities or government-appointed companies. E-invoicing improves the business relationship with both your vendors and your customers and is commonly required by law, especially in the B2G environment. It therefore ensures internal and external compliance with business rules and legal requirements.

  • Standardization allows to get started quickly
  • Operate in an extremely secure cloud  meeting strict requirements
  • Communication network of business partners and tax authorities
  • Secure investment in a reliable partner

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SEEBURGER E-Invoicing Solution

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