Onboarding customer, business partners and suppliers

Digital Value Chains need Connections and Integration

These value chains need to be established between Business Partners – The Business Partner Integration starts with a fast and reliable onboarding process which interconnects all areas of your business.


Fast Onboarding empowers Integrated Digital Value Chains

SEEBURGER Community Management Application

The digitalization of value creation is progressing. Innovative companies need to keep up with the speed of digital business means adapting to the ever-changing landscape.

Today’s leading companies and organizations interact with thousands of other companies, understand that the landscape requires a smooth, easy connection to all of their business and partner community.


Onboarding best practices follow a scheme

  • Enablement of a secure and open communication standards like OFTP2, AS2, API s and Managed File Transfer
  • Structured approach through a tool-based campaign
  • Stay flexible with the ability to quickly onboard larger numbers of customers, business partners and suppliers


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