Digitalization Winners

Digitalization Winners

Customers found out how they could benefit from the digital transformation at the SEEBURGER in-house exhibition.

Digitalization winners

In digitalization planning, new business models and processes play a crucial role. However business integration and networking are of great importance too – and these are areas in which SEEBURGER has long been among the key market players, continually driving further progress in this field.


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  • Your Central Platform for Digital Transformation – SEEBURGER BIS
  • Time is Money: Faster Payments and the Open Banking Revolution
  • BIS IoT/Industry 4.0 Solution – Your Key to Integrated Digital Value Chains
  • Why Aren’t You “Digital Ready”?
  • SEEBURGER and Cloud Services – Experience the Difference
  • E-Invoicing Pays Off from Day One

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