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Changed Legal Requirements for VAT Reporting in Hungary

Be informed and be prepared in time! Simply implement these new legal regulations with SEEBURGER.

Companies handling their invoice processes electronically in an automated way are able to save between 60 and 80 percent of costs compared to paper-based processes.

However, not only does the SEEBURGER E-Invoicing Solution ensure a fast ROI, but it also improves the business relationship with both your vendors and your customers: no lost invoices, better utilization of discounts and optimized cash management. Not at last is e-invoicing mandatory by law in some countries, especially in B2G business.

Hungary requires the implementation of XSD version 3.0 for VAT returns as of 01 January 2021. Infringements will be sanctioned after a sanction-free transitional period as from 01 April 2021. VAT returns in version 2.0 will no longer be accepted by the NAV system from that date. What is new is that the XSD version 3.0 has been significantly extended compared to version 2.0. In addition to the VAT return, it also supports electronic invoicing B2B.

In this webcast, you will learn of new opportunities and mandates to be updated on changes and impacts of NAV Hungary 3.0.

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