New E-Invoicing Requirements in 2021

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New E-Invoicing Requirements in 2021

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The e-invoicing path leads to "Continuous Transaction Controls" (CTCs) and the journey continues to accelerate.
In Hungary as of 01 April 2021, only the new RTIR scheme 3.0 may be used, which enables true e-invoicing via the NAV system for the first time. Greece has postponed myData reporting obligations to 01 April 2021. Poland plans to follow the example of Italy's "Sistema di Interscambio" (SdI) and overtake France in introducing a Clearance e-invoicing mandate. Clearance e-invoicing is expected to become mandatory in Albania, Israel, Japan, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Taiwan, Vietnam, and more in the next three years. The global use of the Peppol network is on a steady rise, with the number of participating countries and global companies continuing to increase. Join us to learn more and start the process now before it's too late!


  1. New Opportunities and Mandates
  2. Poland B2B Mandate
  3. France B2B Mandate
  4. Summary


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