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SEEBURGER news | Spring 2017

Cloud & Business Integration:
Digital Business Solutions – Transform and Roll Out!

It seems like digital transformation is all-present these days. At the commencement of 2017, industries across the board are impacted by newly formed digitalized companies that are emerging at warp speed, gaining market share from existing companies who lack state-of-the-art digital business solutions. Learn more about 10 years of SEEBURGER in China, client references, and how we successfully implement the B2B/EDI car strategy.

Client Presentations

  • SEEBURGER BIS act as the central B2B/EDI Integration Gateway for Philips’ EDI communication and partner onboarding services with their trading partners.
  • Alliander uses one solution for all the Human-to-Human, Application-to-Application and Business-to-Business MFT scenarios.
  • Thetford uses the on-premises BIS solution provides full flexibility for EDI, Cloud and Application integration now and in the future.
  • FERCAM upgrades to SEEBURGER BIS6 and achieves efficiency and scalability in the exchange of B2B and A2A EDI messages.
  • BSH implements flexible and secure data interchange with external development partners at BSH Hausgeräte GmbH using the SEEBURGER BIS.
  • LEONI establishes successful automotive supply chain in China.

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