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Go Global: Simplify Payments Processing & your Channel Offering

Empower your Bank. Deliver innovation to your customers.

Financial institutions today are managing a tidal wave of change because of the shifting payments landscape, widespread digitalization, impending regulations, Open Banking, and more. To prepare for what’s ahead, financial institutions must redesign and increase their digital footprint and digital capability. A hybrid integration platform can help.

You need the right technology for innovation, collaboration and delivery of new services while also getting ready for coming regulations and standards.

Making changes to a bank’s payment processing capabilities is a decision full of consequences. As a key piece of infrastructure, a number of concerns about the best way forward can paralyze decision making.

Adding to the pressure, payment processes are being lauded as the system to overhaul, expand or outsource. Faster payment processing times are an obvious benefit, but what are the real underlying business implications?

From NACHA, SEPA formats to EBICS and SWIFT standards, this whitepaper addresses common concerns in payment processing and explains how to empower decision making to generate ROI through a proactive approach to global compliance cash flow and data management.

  • Cut costs via consolidation of products, services, teams, and information.
  • Increase revenue via modernization to improve business performance and time-to-market with agile responses to changing requirements.
  • Reduce risk via continually improved data security such as protection against DoS attacks and increased DLP measures.
  • Generate value via integration enabling innovation to provide value-adding services for customers.

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