SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS)


Speeding and Simplifying Bank Operations by Consolidating & Modernizing B2B and File Transfer Environments

Financial institutions today are managing a tidal wave of change because of the shifting payments landscape, widespread digitalization, impending regulations, Open Banking, and more. To prepare for what is ahead, financial institutions must redesign and increase their digital footprint and digital capability. A hybrid integration platform can help.

To stay competitive today, banks must go beyond cost cutting. They need to use new technology to be innovative in responding to the demands of a complex, fast-moving and multi-channel financial world. By taking a consolidated approach to your B2B and file transfer communications, you can reap big rewards: cost savings, improved operational efficiency, increased revenue and reduced risk.

You need the right technology for innovation, collaboration and delivery of new services while also getting ready for coming regulations and standards. Benefit from our solution:

  • The SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite’s BPEL functionality makes it simple for companies to create their own processes and modify existing ones for large process repository.
  • SEEBURGER BIS has a comprehensive and natively well-integrated set of modules, communication protocols and adapters.
  • SEEBURGER’s Business Integration Suite uses these and other sophisticated automated functions in providing end-to-end monitoring for all your business processes, including SAP internal processes for end-to-end visibility.
  • BIS has a future-proof, scalable multi-tenant architecture designed to handle extreme amounts of transactions in a private or public cloud for great scalability.
  • BIS includes special automated and preconfigured migration tools, such as the Mapping Analyzer and Mapping Test Automation Tools.

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