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SEEBURGER Integration:

Smarter Payments Integration with
Real-time Fraud Detection

Digital Business promises an unprecedented convergence of people, businesses and things that changes existing business models and creates new revenue opportunities. The rapid adoption of digital technologies by customers and competitors is disrupting every industry, including banks and credit unions within the financial services industry. SEEBURGER can help you turn these challenges into business opportunities – and competitive advantages.

With the phenomenal growth in real-time payments, digital payments, e-wallets and other emerging payment overlay services, the risk of financial crimes and fraudulent activities across the entire payment and financial services value chain is increasing exponentially.

Given all of this, how can banks handle data integration requirements and the continuing need to mitigate business risks – which are often intertwined? And what about the mounting pressure on internal bank resources to manage the rising complexity of in-house payments integration?

In this episode of the SEEBURGER Integration 2021 Webcast Series, we welcomed experts from SEEBURGER and SAS, a leader in analytics and Enterprise Fraud solutions. Learn more about

  • integration challenges associated with payments in the real-time world.
  • the impact these challenges have on the bank’s back-end payment system and application infrastructure.
  • how SAS helps protect banks from ever-changing fraud schemes.

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