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Payment Integration for the Real-Time World

A Holland Fintech Roundtable featuring SEEBURGER and SAS

Digital Business promises an unprecedented convergence of people, businesses and things that changes existing business models and creates new revenue opportunities. The rapid adoption of digital technologies by customers and competitors is disrupting every industry, including banks and credit unions within the financial services industry.

Holland Fintech invited SEEBURGER and the SAS Fraud, AML & Security Intelligence Solution team to share their perspectives on the challenges and opportunities offered by real-time payment market initiatives. Listen to experts from SEEBURGER and SAS as they dive into current market trends in FSI and the business and integration challenges associated with payments in the real-time world, such as complexity and interoperability challenges, and the impact they have on the bank’s back-end payment system and application infrastructure. They also discuss how payment providers can keep up with the shifting perspective on digital, mobile, remote and real-time payments, the integration in the real-time world, and the continued rise of fraud and AML in the era of digitization.

SEEBURGER provides the software and experience to address integration needs through Managed File Transfer (MFT)/Business-Business (B2B)/Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)/API ready-to-run payments integration packages for PSD2 including XS2A, SEPA, payment standardization based on ISO20022 as bridge between domestic and internal formats and more.

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