Go Global: Simplify Payment Processing & your Channel Offering


Go Global: Simplify Payment Processing & your Channel Offering

Empower your Bank. Deliver innovation to your customers

Digital Business promises an unprecedented convergence of people, businesses and things that changes existing business models and creates new revenue opportunities. The rapid adoption of digital technologies by customers and competitors is disrupting every industry, including banks and credit unions within the financial services industry. SEEBURGER can help you turn these challenges into business opportunities – and competitive advantages.

Making changes to a bank’s payment processing capabilities is a decision full of consequences. As a key piece of infrastructure, a number of concerns about the best way forward can paralyze decision making.
Adding to the pressure, payment processes are being lauded as the system to overhaul, expand or outsource. Faster payment processing times are an obvious benefit, but what are real underlying business implications?

Access to emerging markets and a competitive advantage for attracting new customers are key advantages of early adoption of global payment process capabilities. Benefit from our modern and global-ready Payment Processing Integration:

  • Accept and send any payment format through comprehensive compliance capabilities from SEPA, EBICS, SWIFT, NACHA to ISO20022.
  • Protect your system with anti-fraud measures and connect to your OFAC, AMC or other fraud inspection systems.
  • Consolidate and simplify payments for faster processing to increase the scalability to deal with large payment volumes.
  • Provide self-services to your community through automated partner integration.
  • Interact with business data before payments are transacted through real-time cash flow management.

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