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ISO 20022: Seize the Opportunity
for a Modern Payments Integration Hub

The SEEBURGER Payments Integration Hub for Open Banking

Financial institutions today are managing a tidal wave of change because of the shifting payments landscape, widespread digitalization, impending regulations, Open Banking, and more. To prepare for what’s ahead, financial institutions must redesign and increase their digital footprint and digital capability. A hybrid integration platform can help.

You need the right technology for innovation, collaboration and delivery of new services while also getting ready for coming regulations and standards.

ISO 20022 migration is pushing banks to examine existing payment pain points such as onboarding, monitoring, and processing within core banking applications. Much discussed, but rather vaguely explained, is how to derive cost efficiencies and provide better customer service from a payments modernization project.

This short whitepaper outlines concrete examples of how modernizing with a payments integration hub achieves strategic technical goals that result in tangible business outcomes, enabling a smooth migration to ISO 20022 while creating a consolidated, future-ready framework for Open Banking initiatives and other critical ecosystem enhancing projects.

Benefit from the features of the SEEBURGER Payments Integration Hub:

  • Migration and testing tools with integrated onboarding
  • Format validation and exception management
  • Transformation, encryption and decryption of your documents
  • Automated compliance and duplication checks
  • Oversight and risk integration with APIs
  • Back office integration and charset conversion
  • Automated payment reconciliation
  • Secure file transfer, and anti-virus and DLP integration

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