SEEBURGER’s Guide for Digital Transformation in the Manufacturing Industry!


Success factors for digitalization in the manufacturing industry

Digital change is in full swing: In virtually all industries, innovative companies will earn billions by developing digital data-based business models. Digital penetration of all aspects of life coupled with innovative start-ups following disruptive business models, will force established businesses into developing suitable strategies for the digitalization of their own business.

The manufacturing industry, specifically, is challenged by disruptive changes. Digital transformation is emerging and as such provides opportunities for innovation to gain and retain competitive advantage. The digital change also offers tremendous opportunities for the industry, both in terms of customer relations and internal communications.

Manufacturing companies can benefit from the opportunities of implementing digital transformation and connecting their value chain. Use the SEEBURGER BIS as one platform for hybrid integration of different use cases and a driving force for digitization.

  • Automate and network your entire value chain over the lifecycle of products from developing and purchasing, logistics and transportation to customer service.
  • Constantly review and adapt to new and changing conditions.
  • Realize up to 60% savings potential by eliminating individual and manual processing steps as well as incomplete transparency and traceability.
  • SEEBURGER BIS delivers data in real-time to be displayed where it is needed at the right time.

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