Managed File Transfer für sicheren und effizienten Datenaustausch


Managed File Transfer for Secure and Efficient Data Exchange – SEEBURGER MFT

Transferring high volumes of data speedily and securely has never been more important. However, not all data transfer methods can keep up with the increasing demands on security and traceability.

SEEBURGER Managed File Transfer is a complete, scalable and secure solution for the transfer of structured and unstructured business data in real time. Ensure security, transparency and traceability in your data transfers, whether on-premises, between different organizations, or in the cloud.

This white paper looks at how SEEBURGER MFT can help companies with:

  • Convenient exchange of high-volume and large-volume, structured and unstructured data
  • 100% flexible scalability
  • Security for exchanging of sensitive business data
  • Adherence to legal compliance requirements

Because for companies that want to improve efficiency, increase turnover and shorten time-to-market, strong data transfer capabilities are essential.

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