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File Transfers, Streaming, Hyperscalers: How to Adapt to New Challenges for Modern MFT?

You can take advantage of hyperscaler environments using provided tools for analytics, AI and machine learning. But how do you supply mass data to their upstream data storage? 

Hyperscale environments provide a cost-efficient solution for handling mass data storage and providing advanced tools to extract information from that data. In this webcast, we’ll share the key challenge for integration teams and how to integrate different data sources with public cloud data storage. What do HDFS, KAFKA, blob storage and cloud file storage mean for hyperscale environments?


  • The Multi Cloud Phenomena
  • The Multi Cloud Phenomena Raises Integration Demand
  • Challenge for Integration Teams
  • Why is Integrating Data Lakes and Data Storages of Hyperscalers an MFT Scenario?
  • Connectors to Public Clouds Storage Services Available
  • Demo


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