Streamline, Speed and Secure Insurance Operations With Managed File Transfer

To operate efficiently and effectively, insurance companies need to keep data moving efficiently and effectively – from their internal operations to the farthest edges of their networks.

But many insurance companies – particularly active ones with growing amounts of unstructured data – may be constrained by the limitations of current data-exchange methods. These limitations are:
(1) inefficient handling of large data files,
(2) overstretched, IT-bound solutions (“FTP spaghetti”), and
(3) unreliable network connections with agencies, other business partners and customers.

You may have one, two or all three of these limitations but not know it – until it results in a very visible business problem.

Managed File Transfer (MFT) overcomes the limitations by automating and securing the end-to-end management of data transfers – from provisioning through transmission, ensuring guaranteed delivery – across your business and your business network. So you can conduct business faster, at less cost, at less risk and with more confidence.

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