Strengthening Compliance by Preventing Data Leakage from SAP

In 2011, the average organizational cost of a data breach topped $5.5 million – or $194 per compromised record.

The greatest source of breaches? Negligent insiders.

Whether intentional or accidental, data leakage from key business applications continues to be a threat for many companies. Leakage can result in data breaches that violate compliance rules, including internal compliance mandates as well as partner or customer service level agreements (SLAs). Issues with privacy or data protection laws like the EU GDPR may also arise. These violations can cost your company fines, time and money for unscheduled audits and remediation and reputation damage.

The very thing that makes SAP invaluable to your business – it connects and manages strategic business operations data – makes it particularly vulnerable to data leakage. Companies using SAP strategically often run sensitive/confidential business data over these systems: customer records, price lists, human resources data, financial data, and more.

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