SEEBURGER Migration Suite Best Practices

SEEBURGER Migration Suite Best Practices

Download SEEBURGER Migration Suite Best Practices, containing a video and brochure, to learn how SEEBURGER can help your organization become fully digital.

Migration Suite Best Practices - Video and brochure

Modernize and Digitalize your Legacy Platform with SEEBURGER

Today’s enterprises and organizations face a widening divergence between the IT infrastructure demanded by emerging business needs and the infrastructure they’ve built up over generations. The smart enterprise meets these challenges by replacing MFT/B2B legacy systems with digitally enabled, modernized, secure, trustworthy and scalable business integration applications.

Modernization of legacy integration platforms such as Managed File Transfer (MFT) and Business-To-Business (B2B/EDI) is a time consuming and costly exercise. It involves reaching out to potentially thousands of trading partners, updating business contact lists, coordinating technical teams, performing acceptance testing and migrating the partners to a new platform, one by one. This causes disruptions to business and impacts services provided to customers and business partners, resulting in dissatisfaction.

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