Achieving Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility with New SAP Best Practices

Identifying and preventing problems in B2B supply chain transactions can challenge even the best, most-established SAP and ERP systems. Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) and other supply-chain monitoring tools don’t provide insight into B2B-related communications inside SAP or ERP. Nor does SAP itself, because it can natively monitor only single processes (such as IDOC conversions) – not B2B transactions. This effectively makes SAP a supply-chain dead zone, with SAP users having to call EDI Operations to get answers to the simplest of questions.

To help SAP customers deploy centralized supply chain monitoring, SEEBURGER has developed a packaged solution. Using SEEBURGER Monitor for SAP, business users can

  • quickly search for content, technical communication, or transmission errors.
  • customize their searches using dynamic views, selection options, and customization features.
  • set up automated message monitoring.
  • navigate to SAP master data, documents, and process transactions.
  • produce reports.
  • reduce operating costs and enhance traceability, transparency and accountability across the supply chain.

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