Accelerating Order-to-Cash Processes with New SAP Best Practices

Despite the efficiency of SAP Order-to-Cash (O2C) processing, many companies experience high costs, frequent errors, and delayed revenue. The cause is not SAP but the collection of orders before they are entered into SAP. Almost three-fourths of incoming orders are paper-based and require manual handling. Eliminate this bottleneck and you can accelerate your Order-to-Cash and get a lot closer to the goal of fully automated booking in SAP, from order entry to receipt of payment. A new approach – centralized, intelligent, with a single point of entry, and operating completely inside SAP – can accelerate order processing with almost no training and little involvement of IT. It builds on SAP’s best practices, standards and workflows and takes advantage of the efficiency, standardization and power of SAP. You can recognize revenue sooner; reduce processing costs and time; receive orders from any partner, anywhere, any way; avoid high training costs; and meet ever-increasing customer service and communication requirements.

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