5 Reasons Why You Need Harmonized Retail Connections


5 Reasons Why You Need Harmonized Retail Connections

Today, consumers expect retailers to share immediate item availability, order status and shipping updates, while securing their data throughout the entire shopping experience. That’s where “harmonized connections” come into play whether you're an electronics, clothing, furniture, or food retailer. Harmonized connections are the result of seamlessly integrating all sales channels by enabling both real-time data transfers (APIs) for consumers and batch data transfers to and from suppliers (EDI), along with ERP integration, using one unified platform that secures the continuous flow of data.

  • Accelerate real-time visibility into your supply chain.
  • Reduce costs while increasing efficiency with automation to reduce the reliance on manual processing.
  • Increase data security and ensure continuous flow of data.
  • Optimize the entire customer journey by integrating key retail applications and systems, and using data analytics from connected devices.
  • Create a future-proof architecture with a scalable hybrid integration platform.

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