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S/4HANA Preparedness –
The Implications of a Comprehensive Integration Strategy

Connect. Integrate. Accelerate.

SEEBURGER Integration

It’s true that an ERP is only as effective as its integration with business processes, partners and systems. Unfortunately, companies sometimes underestimate the importance of integration for their ERP, which can lead to underperformance.

In this webcast we relate experience from over 50 S/4HANA projects, and discusswhy this topic is not as straightforward as it seems. We’ll also look at strategies to decouple the ERP from the integration layer. Effectively implemented, this approach will benefit the business by:

  • Maximizing the ultimate effectiveness of S/4HANA with agile and deep integration to business processes and early payback
  • Mitigating risk and reducing the duration of an S/4HANA implementation project
  • Reducing cost of S/4HANA implementation and ongoing run costs
  • Minimizing disruption + extended change freezes
  • Extending the life of legacy applications


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