SEEBURGER Services for SAP

More and more customs authorities especially in the European Union and North America are moving away from paper-based communication and thus require exporting companies to provide customs and trade documents electronically. ATLAS is a German standard applying to most exporters. With SAP’s customs application "Global Trade Services" (GTS) and its embedded Business Integration Server (BIS GTS) from SEEBURGER, SAP users are well prepared to comply with these requirements.

The SEEBURGER EDI Service for SAP GTS supports the customs processes export, import, transit and EMCS. Your reports are received from your SAP GTS and translated into the required exchange format of the national customs authority. Afterwards, the reports will be delivered to the national customs authorities. Acknowledgements, such as export accompanying documents, will be transferred to your SAP GTS. We provide a monitoring function so your personnel can keep the overview.

Benefit from our B2B Cloud Services for SAP GTS.

  • Benefit from low upfront fees, an agile price model, pay-as-you-go and short time-to-market.
  • Rely on Cloud Services based on highly redundant and ISO-certified data centers.
  • Support your access and communications with customs authorities with customized workflows.
  • Choose between SEEBURGER GTS Consulting Services and the SEEBURGER Cloud.

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