B2B Consolidation/Modernization Can Reduce Costs Up to 80%: SEEBURGER

Integrating B2B, File Transfer & SAP Processes Also Improves Supply Chains & Data Security


ATLANTA – Consolidating and modernizing heterogeneous EDI, B2B and file transfer environments can reduce IT overhead associated with these functions by up to 80% while also better supporting corporate supply chains and advancing data security, according to a new white paper from SEEBURGER titled How to Get Ahead of the Competition: Consolidate and Modernize Your B2B and File Transfer Environments.

The benefits stem from replacing disparate, fragmented and departmental silo’d systems with a single modern platform like the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite that integrates EDI, B2B and file transfer functions; eliminating legacy applications that require multiple patch upgrades and ongoing fixes to support new protocols and comply with evolving regulatory and governance requirements; and leveraging newer technology to provide end-to-end visibility of all B2B and file exchange processes for easy tracking by business users without IT intervention.

SAP shops can reap additional visibility and efficiency benefits by deploying SEEBURGER-developed SAP solution extensions that tightly integrate with SAP processes such as B2B/supply chain monitoring, order-to-cash and purchase-to-pay. Developed with industry best practices, these add-on solutions save time and money by automating functions such as invoice processing, bringing together relevant data from disparate sources in one centralized location, and enabling users to work in the familiar SAP environment.

These factors make it possible to reduce operating and maintenance staff, minimize the costs of creating new B2B/EDI and file interfaces, reduce software maintenance fees, and virtually eliminate time spent on document tracking and related message searches.

The paper also provides several case studies of successful consolidation and modernization, and outlines seven success factors for a consolidation and modernization project. 


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