SEEBURGER Receives SWIFT Qualifications for Business Integration Platform

Assures FileAct Support for Financial Services Organizations Using SEEBURGER BIS to Exchange Data


ATLANTA, GA – Global business integration software provider SEEBURGER announced today that it has received two key SWIFTNet 7.0 qualifications from the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT), assuring financial services organizations that the SEEBURGER Business Integration Server (BIS) complies with SWIFT’s FileAct protocol for securely exchanging financial data. The certifications mark the first step in a broad SEEBURGER initiative to extend the company’s 26-year business integration expertise to the financial services market by guaranteeing conformance of its BIS platform with all major global financial services standards. 

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The SEEBURGER BIS is now listed in the SWIFTNet 7.0 Qualification Register in both the Store-and-Forward and Real Time FileAct Qualified categories, signifying that the SEEBURGER platform can communicate with SWIFTNet to perform secure data transmissions utilizing both variants of the FileAct communication protocol.  SWIFT’s Relationship Management Application (RMA) is also fully supported. 

With these qualifications, financial services organizations wishing to use the SWIFT network for financial data exchange can now utilize the SEEBURGER platform for handling all of their FileAct traffic in either a real-time or store-and-forward mode of operation. The same platform can also be used for value-add operations such as entitlement, validation, transformation, least cost routing and more. 

“SEEBURGER is ramping up quickly to become a major provider of business integration technology to the financial services market. SWIFT certification is among our top priorities because of the size of the SWIFT community,” said Derek Schwartz, Senior VP Financial Services, SEEBURGER. “These initial qualifications demonstrate our ability to meet SWIFT’s stringent requirements, our commitment to the financial services sector, and our intention to equip customers in the sector with the tools they need to solve their business integration challenges.” 

Leveraging 26 years as a leading provider of business integration solutions, the SEEBURGER platform enables banks, corporate finance departments, treasury management operations, insurance companies and other financial services organizations to securely exchange sensitive data such as payments, securities, regulatory data and interbank transactions. Advantages include: 

  • A single unified platform that seamlessly integrates managed file transfer with B2B and enterprise application integration
  • 100% in-house development of all components to avoid interoperability problems caused by acquisition of third-party solutions;
  • A built-in BPEL engine that enables complex workflow and process orchestration
  • Integrated governance with the ability to automatically alert compliance departments to transactions that violate pre-defined rules
  • A 99%+ uptime record and rapid throughput performance

These features and others can aid the financial services industry in both improving customer service and ensuring compliance with strict regulatory enforcement policies. The platform also helps meet objectives such as reducing friction in the partner community and building value-added services across multiple business lines and geographies. 

SEEBURGER has more than two decades of successful deployments in thousands of enterprises in industries including manufacturing and automotive, CPG and retail, and high-tech and electronics. That record and BIS’ robust feature set have also spurred banks and other financial institutions in both the U.S. and Europe to replace their legacy business integration systems with the SEEBURGER platform. 

For more information on the benefits of the SEEBURGER BIS for the financial services industry, visit or download “SEEBURGER  Solutions for Financial Services & Insurance Companies” at



SEEBURGER is a global provider of business integration and secure managed file transfer (MFT) solutions that streamline business processes, reduce operational costs, facilitate governance and compliance, and provide visibility to the farthest edges of the supply chain to maximize ERP effectiveness and drive new efficiencies. All solutions are delivered on a unified, 100% SEEBURGER-engineered platform that lowers the total cost of ownership and reduces implementation time. With more than 25 years in the industry, SEEBURGER today is ranked among the top business integration providers by industry analysts, serves thousands of customers in more than 50 countries and 15 industries, and has offices in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America. For more information, visit or


SWIFT is a member-owned cooperative that provides the communications platform, products and services to connect more than 10,000 banking organizations, securities institutions and corporate customers in 212 countries and territories. SWIFT enables its users to exchange automated, standardized financial information securely and reliably, thereby lowering costs, reducing operational risk and eliminating operational inefficiencies. SWIFT also brings the financial community together to work collaboratively to shape market practice, define standards and debate issues of mutual interest.